Love from all the girls: Clean cages mean happy piggies

Pixie: “Hey, where did my secret poopie stash go?”
Eve: “Who cares about poopies, where is my pellet stash?”
SweetPea: “Umm… what happend?”

Eve: “*mumbles* I know it was here 10 mins ago!”

Eve: “Maybe its over this way.”

Pixie: “I’ll help, maybe its over here?”
Eve: “What?! Its over there????”

Eve: “Mommy she lied!”

SweetPea: “Maybe its here Eve and even if its not it looks tasty!”

Eve: “Oh I give up, I’ll have to start all over again!”
*note the footies! I never knew she had footies!*

SweetPea: “Yay for clean cage!!”

Mean while in the lower cage….

Yaya: “Finally! That evil human has put us back!”

Yaya: “Well maybe not that evil.. she filled the hay again.”

Yaya: “Yup, not so evil.. yum nom nom.”

Buttercup: “Hmmm you know mommy was talking today about spaghetti.”

Yaya: “What is that? Some evil way to eat us?”

Buttercup: “No… no… its this noodle thingy that the humans like to eat, and no there are no piggies in it “

Buttercup: “They eat it like this… *slurp*”

Clover on the other hand had nothing to do with this as she is above all this.

Clover: “Humph, human food… I shall never touch such subjects of conversation.”

Clover: “I on the other hand would rather lay down for some beauty sleep.”

Clover: “There is only one problem…”

Clover:”I just can’t…”

Clover: “Find a comfy spot!”

Clover: “But who needs more beauty sleep when you look this good!”

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