Home Sweet Home: The girls new cage.

So Mommy has been very busy the last few days working on our home. Because she is worried about us lower cage gals getting hurt or sick being on the floor, she moved us upwards.

Here is the beginning of our cage being redone. See us lowly girls on the floor. Such sad times.

Now here is the finished product.

On top of the new cage Mommy went out earlier this month and bought some 2nd cut Timothy hay that is to die for. We promised Mommy at the end of the post we will put the hay lady’s website that way if you live near us you can order this wonderful hay too!

So as we where saying, hay… beautiful hay!

Here is a shot of the hay after Mommy put it into the big hay bin, isn’t it yummy!

Not only does it look amazing but it smells like heaven!

It smelled so good that we all wheeked until Mommy put some in our cages!

Eve ended up in a hay induced Coma!
“Oi! Why did I eat so much!”

We all enjoyed this yummy hay!

We all enjoyed the past few weeks even though the posts have not showed it. Now that things are getting more normal in the house Mommy has promised to allow us more computer time.

So good night for now, its time for us to go to bed, and it seems some of us could not wait to finish this before heading off.


Hay information:

Irvine Creek Hay Sales… Feedneeds.com


Phone: 780-417-2897
Fax: 780-467-2163


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