Eating: How we love it!

So as you can guess from our photos, our mommy does feed us well, here is a run down of what she feeds us:

We get one scoop each, apparently the scoop size is 1/8th a cup. Mommy says because we are all grown up we only need that much.

We get as much of our yummy hay as we can stuff in our mouths, and trust us, its a lot!
Apparently there is lots of hay types out there, we enjoy timothy 2nd cut and Meadow Grass.

Veggie list: Daily
Lettuce (Romain, Red leaf, Green leaf, NO ICEBERG)
Cilantro or Parsley
Carrots (No to many they aren’t very good for you)
Bell Peppers
Tomatoes (just a little like a cherry tomato)

We also get treats like Apples, Oranges and Melon but due to the yummy sugar you should not eat too many, that’s why Mommy gives it to us as a treat.

But what would our blog be without photos of us!



Sometimes things get a little messy!

Anyone have a napkin?

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One thought on “Eating: How we love it!

  1. What gorgeous girls!

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