The Postal Worker Delivers a Package

Today there was a ring at the door, we were all interested to see what all the noise was about because Mommy ran to the door faster than we run for our veggies. Seems Mommy has been busy making an order online for something.

She thanked the postal worker and went into the kitchen with a box, which got us even more excited, kitchen+box+Mommy= Nom noms!

Next thing we know, we hear Mommy squeal in delight, is doesn’t sound like nom noms to us. So we all wheeked back with our wounder, what could be making her so happy, it must have something to do with food, only food makes the world a happy sunny place!

A few minutes later, though it felt like hours, Mommy came out of the kitchen holding something, we all started wheeking, because Mommy+Kitchen+Things in her hands= Nom noms right?!


Though it was not nom noms it was something just as nice. Mommy had gotten 6 new cuddle cups, not enough for everyone to each get a new one, but very close to it.

Snuggling into our new cuddle cups is a very interesting thing to do…

First off sharing is something one must do, even if we don’t want to.

Because we all need to check them out…


From top..


To bottom…


Though Mojo isn’t interested in share at all, Mommy took a photo of his cranky face, seems he’s missing his online love, Emma….


Try to smile Mojo, Mommy said Emma has been thinking of you.


Even Yaya isn’t depressed that we got new cuddle cups instead of nom noms in the mail.


After a nice drink…


We are happy to say thank you Guinea Pig Stuff, we will miss you! Good luck with your new adventures!


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