SweetPea: POTM say what?

Piggie Phun Forum: POTM Say what?

SweetPea here, so much has been taking place, other the holidays grammie schimpf took care of us, we all had fun wheeking at her. She was very good at making sure we had food in our bellies.

The big news is that I, the greatest pig in the world, won piggie of the month on Piggie Phun Forum. At first I didn’t understand what mom was saying, whats a forum? How could I have won I never entered anything?

Seems mom has been entering me into things with out telling me! Sheesh! But I knew that I would win anyway, I’m just so perfect don’t ya know.

To see more about my winning and about the piggie phun forum I got mom to show me, so now I can show you all, our faithful blog followers.

January Piggie Of The Month

Piggie Phun Forum

On another note, mom moved Clover back in with me, Pixie and Eve. We like her a lot, but Buttercup and Yaya are still being really mean to us so they have to stay away in their cage.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to click follow, so you can get instant updates on your RSS feed, whatever that is, mom told me to write that.

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One thought on “SweetPea: POTM say what?

  1. Congrats to her! I love her hair! 🙂

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