Blog Entry 2: Shepards Pie My Way

First chop potatoes, put them in a pot with water, and boil.

PB180015.jpg(I love this thing!)



While this is boiling brown your ground meat, I used pork this time. Note I use a smaller amount of meat because I’m weird.


While its browning and cooking add your spices, I used pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.


Once its all browned like so:


Put it into a contain to put into your oven, I used a backing pan but a casserole dish will do well too.


Add a layer of frozen mixed veggies OR you can add other veggies that you have pre cooked, its up to you:


Mash your potatoes, add them on top of your veggies, smooth out and if you like add some cheese.


Put it into the over for about 30 mins or until potatoes are getting a golden color to them. I put them in at 425oF. Having cheese it a great indicator for when its done because the cheese starts to bubble!


And your done!



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2 thoughts on “Blog Entry 2: Shepards Pie My Way

  1. I LOVE Shepherd's Pie! It is soooo yummy! But, we don't put vegetables in it. My mom said she always had vegetables in it, and all of us children say she didn't. Regardless, your post just made me very, very hungry. 🙂

  2. I love making this, my husband swore he hated it but after trying this he loved it. Sorry I made you so very hungry 😀

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