Blog Entry 3: All is Fair in love and kids?

Last night both my older two children would not stay in their rooms, why sleep when you can run around and have fun. After the millionth time of putting them back in their rooms and telling them it was bed time, I finally threw my arms in the air and gave up.

After writing the other blog entries, kicking my husbands bottom at a Wii game, having an orange for a bed time snack, I headed up stairs to started my bed time rituals. Part of this is to check on all three kids. Joseph, our 6 month old was passed out dreaming of milk and rice cereal dancing in his head. So on to the middle child, Alexander. I walk down the hall and opened the door.

Looking into the room, I looked on the bed to see him sleeping soundly, but he wasn’t. Not finding Alex in his bed is very very normal. You see my middle child is a very special little boy. While most kids cry out because they think that there is a monster under their bed, my sweet son is the monster under the bed.

So going on the tiniest tips of my toes I slowly walked into his bedroom. Nearly tripping over a few trains, getting a few leggos stuck to my feet I finally make it to the side of the bed. Slowly I bent down to look under the bed, but my bed monster wasn’t there.

Hmmm this is quite odd. So I leave his room (not on my tippy toes I might add) and head over to my oldest Ruby’s room. Not only was sweet Ruby sleeping soundly in her bed, but so was my sweet Alexander.

Quietly laughing, I headed down stairs to grab my husband and my camera. We both had a good little laugh because not only was it so cute, but over christmas both Alex and Ruby had horrible colds. We only have one moo cow humidifier, so they both piled into Ruby’s bed and spent 3 nights having a sleep over. So it brings not only cuteness to everything but closeness in knowing they will always care for each other the way siblings should.

So dear readers, tonight I leave you will this hopefully funny but touching blog entry and a photo to help bring it all together. I hope you get as good of a laugh as I did.

Ruby is on the left and Alex is on the right. He even brought his own bedding.
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2 thoughts on “Blog Entry 3: All is Fair in love and kids?

  1. Aww! That's so sweet!

  2. Thank you, they are cute when they want to be, or is it they are cute when they think no one is looking.

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