Blog Entry 4: The Monster Fridge

As any house wife, mother or well just about anyone will know, the fridge is always the last thing to get cleaned. I am ashamed to say its been so long that I don’t even remember how long ago I did it. So dear readers this is how my nightmare of mold, stink and scary things went.

When I first opened the fridge I was completely over whelmed. Looking into the back of the fridge I saw raw chicken. Ew! So I closed the fridge, grabbed my yellow rubber gloves, container of hot water, bleach, scrub pad and cloth.

First thing first, empty everything nasty into a double bagged garbage. Let me tell you at the time I thought that was going to be the worse part. Raw chicken from a week ago, it was so bad it no longer smelled, not a good sign. There was also a jar with something looking back at me, I have no idea what that was, nor do I want to find out. Once that was done I threw the bag outside for my husband to take to the big garbage container.

Next came the cleaning. Well let me tell you all something. I have guinea pigs and as such I always have tons of veggies for them in my fridge. I always place a plastic bag at the bottom of the crisper to catch anything. Well, some how something got under that bag and went bad. *shudders* It was pretty bad, but like a good house wife I trucked on.

I pulled EVERYTHING out of the fridge, food shelves, draws, everything. I washed and scrubbed everything with bleach, making sure everything was super clean. When it came time to clean the inside of the fridge, I have to say that was the hardest part. I’m not a very tall woman, 5 foot 1 at best, so sitting on my knees and trying to reach the top of the fridge must have looked pretty funny, yet standing and bending down to clean it was hurting my back. Yes if my husband is reading there is a method to my madness.

I cleaned the bottom of everything before I put it back, ladies and gents, this is important because if the bottom is dirty, your just going to make everything you cleaned dirty again.

So umm, I guess that’s about it. I threw out things, pulled everything out, cleaned it and put everything back. That is how I got rid of the monster and creatures that were living in my fridge. I wonder what my next adventure is going to be like? Maybe the depths of hell I call my basement? or how about the jungle I call a bedroom? Yes these are the only other placed that need to be gutted.

So dear readers, if your not scared away or not running away in disgust, tune in soon for some more daily ramblings of The Daily House Wife.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Entry 4: The Monster Fridge

  1. Hahaha! Nice! That's too funny!

  2. Thanks Tiffers, I'm glad you enjoyed it 😀

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