Blog Entry 5: Cloth Diaper Services.

Hello again,

Time for some more ramblings of a housewife. As my returning readers can see I did a face lift for the blog. I felt that it was to plain Jane for me. I needed something I can use to spice things up, I’ve also made extra banners for different holidays. Just for everything who is wondering starting from left to right, Joseph, Ruby and Alexander. My three amazing children.

So enough of layouts, you want to hear some daily house wife stuff! I hear you people and I am obeying.

As most of my friends and family know, I used a cloth diaper service called Happy Nappy. Some people give me weird looks when I tell them that I do this. So here, dear readers, is why:

When Alexander was a baby I did not know about cloth diaper services so he was in disposable diapers. Well the whole time he was in them from the day we left the hospital until the day he started to potty train, he had horrible rashes. When I say horrible, I mean HORRIBLE, 70% of the time they were bleeding. We took him to the doctor many times. Had many ointments but nothing helped. The last time he had one was the last time he was in diapers, which I am proud to say was over a year ago.

Before Joseph was born I worried that this might happen again. I lost many nights sleep over the thought of going through that all over again. My mother in law had given me cloth diapers from when my husband was little and I thought about using them, but with a baby and two other kids, all I thought was “where would I find the time?” That’s when I searched for cloth diaper services and found them.

To this day Joseph has been in nothing but cloth. He has never had even one diaper rash.

The other reasons I love this company, other than no rashes, is its super easy to use. When you sign up they give you a pail which is more like a small garbage can. It has a non-toxic charcoal puck that sucks up all the smells, and a cute Happy Nappy sticker on top. Once a week you get your pick up and drop off. They ship everything in a water proof bag that you place into the pail. The day of your pick up you just pull the pull string and away you go.

You never have to rinse or soak anything, just toss it into the pail and put the lid on. Why can you get away with this? Well Happy Nappy makes their own diapers and they have a special biodegradable odor fighting agent, which is activated by moisture and continually protects the diaper, even when it is in the container. Truthfully the only time I have ever smelled anything is the night before pick up when I open the lid. If the lid is closed I smell nothing.

The reason I chose to write about this is because Happy Nappy has offered a job as a sales rep. Basically I refer people to happy nappy and I get paid per person. When I heard that it was about Happy Nappy and that I would not have to work away from the home I thought “Why the heck not, I love them and wish that others would try them and see how much better they are.” Well I’ll be working out of the home but on my own terms.

Tomorrow I should know whats going on with all that.

Another thing I wanted to write to you all about is that my best friend in the whole world is coming to see me at the end of the month! We’ve been friends since the seventh grade, and talk at least once a week, usually more. Shes bringing her little girl with her, who is so cute. I hope to have some fun stories to share with you all.

If you want to know more about Happy Nappy, check out their website at:

Tune in tomorrow, its my cage cleaning day! 4 cages, one woman, 3 kids…. can she do it? You’ll just have to read about it.

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