Blog Entry 6: Die fly die!

Hello again,

Well the cage cleaning went off with little problems. I had my females pigs disapproval of how I set up the cage, shortly after the disapproval they proceeded to rearrange the who thing. Manly Mojo, my only male guinea pig, sat in the middle of his cage, giving me a look that I can only describe as hell warmed over, seems being put in a clean cage after he spent all his time making it messy is not his idea of a great day. The Ferrets were pretty happy about things, well other then the fact that I took out the old stinky hammocks and replaced them with clean ones. They always hate that.

Moving on, today I want to vent about fruit flies. I’m sure you all have at some point in time in your life have dealt with them. I shall let you in on a small secret, I never truly hate anything because hate is such a strong word. BUT with these things…. I HATE THEM. We had a room mate who lived with us a few months back. When he moved out we clean the basement, aka his domain. There was a lot of garbage, thus resulting in many fruit flies. My husband spent a whole weekend cleaning everything up, isn’t he the best. Shortly after we noticed them dieing off, or so we thought.

Most of them had died off, but a few smart ones (yes they are smart evil little creatures) made it upstairs to the kitchen. Since then we have had an on going battle with them. A few weeks ago I thought I was on the winning side of things. I had only seen two or three buzzing around on their last fly lives. BOY was I wrong.

For you see for every pair of flies, up to one thousand can be produced. So that means you can have only two living, male and female and in less then a few days have hundreds flying around. Well that’s what happened to us. We think they found something one of the kids had hidden when they didn’t like it.

So over the last few days we have tried many options to get rid of them. Let me say that this is not an easy task because they adapt to your tricks.

First I took a clean jar, filled it with apple cider vinegar and dish soap. Placing a tight piece of plastic wrap I popped holes in the top. This worked pretty well until they figured out that if they go in it they will die. Soon I had more on top mocking me then I did inside.

Okay time for plan b: Husband vacu-gun. Yes that’s right, my husband took our vacuum attachment and sucked up the little buggers. Well this worked pretty good but the problem is that they learned it was harder for us to suck them out of the air than when they are sitting still. So when we turned it on, they would start to fly around.

DANG! Time for plan c: The Pot.

The pot consisted of me filling the pot with something sweet, I used some honey and molt vinegar for this. I would let it sit on the stove for about an hour. At that time I would grab the lid and sneak over, slamming the lid down as fast as I can. Resulting in the flies being trapped in the pot. Here in Canada its winter right now, and bloody cold at that, well the past few days have been pretty nice. So with lidded pot in arms, I put on my boots, open the door and open the lid.

Now I am ashamed to say this but I laughed watching them fly out of the pot, only to go about 6 inches from me and fall to the snow, dieing.

But like Plan A and Plan B they adapted to my plan, learning that when I walk up holding the lid its time to fly out and fast.

So Plan D: Fly Paper.

This is a catch a miss system. So far its only working about 40% of the time.

I now have a Plan E: Die fly die.

This plan will go as followed. 3 jars, apple cider vinegar and dish soap with plastic wrap placed in three different locations:
1. On top of the fridge.
2. On top of the stove
3. On the opposite counter.

From there I will be placing 4 new fly paper traps:
1. Above the stove
2. One place under the cupboards above the counter.
3. Above the fridge.
4. Above the microwave.

On top of those I will be randomly sucking up flies with the vacuum.

I hope this will be the final straw. I have been cleaning like mad, there has been no food left out, no fruit sitting in the fruit basket, nothing that I can find that will help them continue their evil ways of driving me nuts. I shall let you know how this goes.

Until then dear readers I will leave you with one final thought, what would you do if random people came to you and told you how wonderfully behaved your children are in a public setting? Thank them and move on with a big old smile on your face? Wonder how many people are watching you and feel a little creeped out?

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2 thoughts on “Blog Entry 6: Die fly die!

  1. Haha! Niiiice!

  2. Haha! I know right? So far it seems to be working. Fingers crossed.

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