Reko who?

*Well dear readers, I have to appologize for the lack of posts, we have been buzy with guests, new cage designs and so much more. But with out further ado here are the pigs and their stories.*
Reko who?:
Mojo: “Mum, there is something following me!!!”
Hmm Mojo my dear, it seems to be a little baby piggie. Whats your name little one?
 Mystery Pig: “Baby? I’m a big boy and my name is Reko.”
Well Reko, nice to meet you, will you be staying long?
Reko: “Well the hay is good, the veggies are fresh and I like those beds.”
Reko: “And this guy isn’t too bad either, so yes. I’ll stay”
Well Mojo I guess you have a new cagemate.
Speaking of cages….
Here is the New Schimpf Pig Cage!
The Corplast sides on the top cage are 4.5Inches. If you have young pigs, or pigs that spook easily I would not suggest leaving the grid sides like that.
Well we shall leave your with one last photo:
Kisses anyone?
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