Sad News from the Schimpf House.

Today at 10AM SweetPea passed on to better grasslands.

Last August I was looking at the website of our local SPCA when I spotted a beautiful white pig named Rosie. I talked with my husband and told him that she looked so sad, she needed to become a Schimpf pig.

When she came to us she had really bad mites.

But you could see in her eyes that she was a fighter.

Over the months she healed well from the mites and became a special Schimpf pig.

Yesterday we noticed that she was having troubles peeing. Bladder stones again, but I knew this would be the last time as she had never had this much problem before.

This morning I went down and her was breathing shallow. She was still trying very hard to poo and pee. I wrapped her in a towel and brought her into my bed. There I told her it was ok, that it was time to let go and that on the other side there would be no pain. She looked up at me and I am very sure the look she gave me said ok. 5 mins later she did let go and passed away in my arms.

She was always the first to wheek for veggies in the morning. The First to comfort me when I was having a bad day. She was my little SweetPea.

Good Buy sweet girl, I will miss you.

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One thought on “Sad News from the Schimpf House.

  1. Oh no, Erin! That is sooooo sad. I am so so sorry. Poor little thing…

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