Blog Entry 11: Easy Tip for Feeding Picky Babies

Some people have told me that their babies are very pick when it comes to plain cereals. I have luckily never had that problem. But I did look into it.

It is not recommend to add jams and sugar to your baby’s cereal, but what can you do?

Well this is what I have done.

You make the cereal as directed. Then you add jarred baby fruit to it. This only works if you have tried that fruit and your baby has no reaction to it.

Joseph, my 8 month old, loves peaches, pears, apples, blueberries, and strawberries. He is not fond of bananas.

The other day I made Peaches and Oat Cereal for him.

Here is the cereal already made and mixed:

Open wide Joseph.

Yum yum.

Do you like it Joseph?

Well I think that’s a big yes.

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