Blog Entry 14: Finger food?

I have come to realize that Joseph has extreme anxiety issues. When I leave the room and go into a room that he can not get to he comes completely unglued. Today was a great example of that, I had to get some house work done as I have been sick and haven’t done anything the last few days.

So off to the kitchen to do dishes, sweep and do a general clean. I blocked Joseph off in the living room so I could get this done. He preceded to howl uncontrollably the entire time. I called my mom asking what I should do and shes said that I was doing all I can. Houses don’t clean themselves… yet.

So I got off the phone and make some grilled cheese for the kids. To my utter embarrassment I burned them a little. I have not burned anything in a long time, but with a screaming baby I think even the best chefs would be distracted.

Because Joseph doesn’t have any teeth yet, cooking for him has consisted of opening baby food jars for 6 to 8 month old babies. Lately he has really noticed that his food is very different from my own. So I did some research online and found that while I can’t give him grilled cheese sandwiches like the other two I can cut it into tiny bite size bits for him to “gum chew” up. So guess who got his first sandwich?


As you can see he rather enjoyed it so I think I might make this a normal thing for him, since he is almost 9 months after all.


He was pretty good at chewing it up with his gums too. I’d say he must have eaten about half the sandwich but that’s pretty good for a little one like him.


Ruby just had to come and say hi to him while he ate his “big boy” lunch. Alex was too busy eating his to be bothered with his little brother.

I will be taking the kids to see my parents up in Edson, AB from the 26th to the 3rd for Ruby’s Spring Break. While talking to my mom earlier she told me that her and I will be going to a bar she worked at while I was a baby. As my close friends and family will tell you I am not much of a drinker, but every once in a while I have been known to get pretty… “happy”.

The last time I really drank with my mom was at a friends Bachelorette party back in 2006 I think. I have gotten smashed maybe 4 more times since, but the biggest memory of that night (That I am allowed to tell) is my mom and I sitting in a bush outside my house laughing our drunk bottoms off. I feel sorry for my step dad, I have a feeling mom is going to get me pretty drunk.

Also this weekend is my sister in laws birthday! Happy Birthday Erin!!! (Yes we have the same names *laughs*) We are also going bowling with my husbands family on Sunday. I plan on taking pictures this time. I hope to get some photos to share as Ruby and Alex are bowling too!

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