Blog Entry 15: The Old Switcheroo

Today has been a busy day for me. My husband usually has the weekends off work so we tend to have family gatherings, big house projects, big shopping trips and other things that I just can’t do without him. Today was no different.

Over the last week or so, I have been telling him how I would love to move Ruby into Joseph’s room which is next to ours and move Joseph into Ruby’s room which is down the hall. The reason for this is because Ruby’s room is the biggest room, well my room is the biggest but hers is second biggest. All Ruby has in her room for furniture is her bed and a toy box. She has a dresser, but its in her closet. We learned when Ruby was about 3.5 years old, that dressers and little ones do not mix. I don’t know if I have extra adventurous kids or what it is but Ruby climbed up her dresser causing it to fall. Now we keep all the kid’s dressers in their closets where if it was to fall it would be stopped by the door frame of the closet.

Anyway back to my story. While Ruby has next to nothing for furniture, Joseph has twice as much! He has his crib, change table, happy nappy diaper pail and a twin bed. Basically all you could do is move in a 4 foot by 4 foot square in his room where there was no furniture. A huge difference from Ruby’s room where there is so much floor space its nuts!

So with my broom, some cleaner, a garbage bag, a cup of tea and one two brain cells I started cleaning and moving out their rooms. It took about 6 hours but I had to stop for a 2 hour nap break, not for me but the kids. I took those two hours to do the laundry that I took out of their rooms.

Here is Joseph’s new room. Ruby wants me to wait to take photos after we decorate her room.


Joseph’s bed, this was once Alexander’s Crib.


Note the Batman bedding. This is a fleece blanket I bought last Valentines day.


His change table, plus my good friend Dr. Pepper. 😉


This is Joseph’s twin bed. When he was first born I breastfed him, due to unknown reasons my fat content in my milk went away leaving basically just water. When I was nursing I used this bed at night when I dream fed him. We now keep it in his room for when he is older.

Well that was my day so far. I have lots of material for blog entries so come back for more. Oh and I finally have the photos for my black marker entry so keep an eye out for that.

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