Blog Entry 16: Black Marker SUCKS!

Any mom out there will know, black marker sucks to get off walls. About 8ish months ago my lovely daughter decided to color on her closet door (now Joseph’s closet door) with black permanent marker. *hand smacks forehead*
We tried to wash it but it never came off. Heck even Mr. Clean wasn’t working. So after moving around Ruby and Joseph’s rooms around I took one look at that closet and said enough!
To give credit where credit is due, my husband figured this out first. I just get to clean and blog about it.
First you need:


  • Vim Power Cream (kitchen)
  • Magic Cleaning Pads (We shop at No Frills can you tell)

Oh and some inspirational drink, also known as Dr. Pepper.


So lets see the offender, aka the marked up closet door.


First thing you need to do is spray the Vim on the marker like so:


As you can see Vim rocks! Already the marker is starting to come off and I haven’t even started to wipe at it.
After about 30 seconds, or more if you want, start using the magic cleaning pad. Scrub hard!
This is the result not using much force:


Using my super strong arms, here is the end result:


Tada!! Clean and shiny. I still had more to do but I wanted to take photos for you all.

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