Blog Entry 17: Missing my blog

When I first started my blog I didn’t think I would miss it this much. Well right now I am sitting on my mom’s computer thinking how much I was to blog but I forgot my camera cord to upload photos. Thats when it hit me. While not as exciting, I can still type up a storm and post photos of where I am, even if they aren’t my own.

As I said in my last post HERE, I was planning on heading up to Edson, AB to visit my parents. Well we are here, got in at about 2PM last Sat. The trip for the most part was uneventful, though we did see a guy from quebec looking for work with his road sign at a gas station in Evansburg, AB. Its been really nice to be here. Sunday I basically veggies with my Joe-joe, my step sister was busy playing with the other two kids. Mom helped me with Joseph most of the day and I stepped out to see my grandma for a few hours.

Edson is a small town where I was born. I do want to one day move back here, as its such a lovely little place.

This is the Edson squirel. Isn’t he cute? Here is a little blah blah information on his creator.

“Tig Seland created his community monuments with fibreglass, cement and wire mesh. Tig lived in Drumheller and was a very prolific artist. He built about 32 monuments in Drumheller alone. Most of these were featured in a tourist park called Prehistoric Park which was located in the hills southwest of town. The dinosaur statues have since been taken from there and placed throughout the community (a 30 Foot Jesus statue was left in its original location). “

There is our history lesson for the day.

While down I plan on visiting my great grandma, My husbands aunty and go for a few more visits with my grandma. If you live in Alberta, Edson is a hour or so from Jasper. You have to go through it to get to Jasper so anymore who has ever driven there has passed through this beautiful town.

This little church is just around the block from my mom’s place, while its right now covered in snow, its just a cute little church, and I usually don’t find churches that I like very much as they are usually all the same.

Oh, a huge thing I want to end this on is that Alexander has gotten better with my mom’s Eglish Springer spaniel Hendrix. For years now Alexander has been so scared of Hendrix. Today I snapped a photo of him petting Hendrix.

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