Blog Entry 20: My trip to Edson

Most of my trip consisted it hanging out at my moms house doing pretty much nothing but relaxing. I had two goals while there. 1. Relaxation, with my younger sister watching/play with my older two kids and my mom helping me with the baby, I had tons of time to relax. My other goal was to get Alex used to Hendrix, my mom’s springer spaniel.

My mom has two dogs, one named Kylie her breed is guessed at a jack russell crossed with a border collie and Hendrix the pure breed springer spaniel.

P3280047Alexander for what ever reason has been terrified of Hendrix for the last 2ish years. The funny thing is Hendrix was originally my dog and live with me when Alexander was a babe.

At first it was very tough, Alex would scream bloody murder when ever Hendrix was in his line of few, but we never let into these screams. We (my mom, dad and I) would tell him that Hendrix would not hurt him and to stop.

Over the first two days nothing seems to be working but we still kept the game plan of not letting into it. By day three I was able to snap this photo.


By the end of day 5 Alex was playing with with Hendrix and telling everyone that Hendrix was his buddy and a good boy.

As you can see Hendrix is a great dog and Alex has finally gotten over his fear of him.

Joseph was very lucky, on day 4 him and I went shopping without older sister Ruby and older brother Alex. Though he hates his car seat I was able to get a happy shot of him.


Joseph learned a few new things while at Grandma’s house. He learned to stand up on things and how to properly crawl.

P3280013 The biggest thing he learned how to do was crawl up the three steps from my moms living room to the kitchen. Thankfully there is a door there so when we were not willing to sit and watch him on the stairs we could close the door and let him play.

P3280031 Before you ask, yes we are still using happy nappy diapers, Edson doesn’t have a facility to drop off the diapers so I had to buy disposable ones.

Joseph made some pretty funny faces while learning this new trick, but the best photo I got was this one.

P3280033 I still laugh when I see it. He could not figure out how to move his legs without sliding down the stairs. Once he got that there was no more funny photos only running to get him out of the kitchen.

Well that about sums up my trip. I was able to see my grandmother Harrison a few times and the Friday before leaving my mom and I went to the bar. Now I remember why I only drink like that every few years. I don’t get hang overs but the feeling of no control drives me nuts.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Entry 20: My trip to Edson

  1. It was a ball having you here hon. I'm so happy Alex FINALLY overcame his fear of Hendrix (and Hendrix overcame his fear of Alex, lol). Hopefully Alex will remember he's not scared anymore the next time he visits!
    Love ya!

  2. Thanks mom. So far he tired to pet a puppy all on his own after asking me. It was a small dog but thats better then running screaming, no?

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