Blog Entry 22: Guinea pigs are like hamsters right?

WRONG!  They are so much more different from hamsters. I run a website to help educate Canadians, and other people, about the proper care of guinea pigs.

I think the biggest thing people have to know about guinea pigs is their diet, since this can cause problems in the future if done wrong.

Hamsters love seeds, guinea pigs can’t eat them due to the choke risk. Guinea pig diets are 50% Hay, 25% pellets and 25% fresh (never frozen or canned) veggies.

So as you can guess from my photos so far I feed them  well, here is a run down of what I feed them:


They get one scoop each,  the scoop size is 1/8th a cup. Currently Reko and Mojo are getting unlimited because Reko is under a year.


They get as much of our yummy hay as they can stuff in their fat little mouths, which mean they hay is unlimited.  There is lots of hay types out there,  I usually buy timothy 2nd cut and Meadow Grass.

Veggie list: Daily

Lettuce (Romaine, Red leaf, Green leaf, NO ICEBERG)

Cilantro or Parsley

Carrots (Not to many they aren’t very good for you)

Bell Peppers

Tomatoes (just a little like a cherry tomato)

they also get treats like Apples, Oranges and Melon but due to the yummy sugar they should not eat too many, that’s why I give it to them as a treat.

But what would our blog be without photos of them!



Sometimes things get a little messy!


Anyone have a napkin?

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