Blog Entry 23: Farewell Happy Nappy

Yes you read that right. Due to life style changes we no long will be able to use Happy Nappy, in fact today is our last pick up from them.
So as a tribute I decided to make a wonderful blog about them. From what they look like to how they are stored.
Ever since starting Happy Nappy, June 25 2010 when Joseph was born, I have never looked back. I have loved them from the start and will dearly miss them. They always came in two types. Their well known yellow with orange lining and their all white old ones. They are slowly weeding out the white ones but you still get about half of them in a pack.
I think that one of the best parts is the fact that they have snaps. No non sticking Velcro, but awesome snappy snaps.
As you can see there is two snaps on the back sides and three in the front, but why is that you ask. Well its to allow space for your baby to grow.  Once you can get to only one snap on each side its time to change to the next stage in their diapers. Cool idea no?
Storage is easy for me. Under the top of my change table I have this.  I always sort the white ones from the yellow/orange ones. I found that the whiles just don’t take much to fill and leak. So to stop that I use them on top of the yellow/orange ones to “double” the diaper, I don’t know if other Happy Nappy  users do this but I do. I like this order because my wipes sit right next to the diapers.
Speaking of diapers I bet your wondering where the dirty ones go. Well this is their diaper pail. Its like a small garbage can. They send you the diapers in a plastic like lined bag all clean, you put away the diapers and place the bag in the pail.
Like so! When the lid is one right you wont smell anything. I thank this to the little bear on the top.
This little bear is a top that covers child safe charcoal. In the last almost 10 months I have changed this once. So its REALLY good! All you do is toss the diapers in and close the lid and this little guy takes care of the rest. Kinda like a Care Bear.
While you can just dump your diapers (pee, poop and all) there is something that you MUST know. You should ONLY put diapers and their liners (if you use them I don’t) in there. I have gotten email after email that is sent to all members asking them NOT to put wipes or anything else in the pail as it wreaks havoc on their washing machines. So I have this small Dollarama pail I bought for 2 dollars. I place baby powder in the bottom to keep smells down and just toss the wipes in there when I change Joseph.
Every week I pull the tie string on the bag full of dirties and place it on my step. Today will be different as everything goes. If you live in a city to be able to use Happy Nappy, please do. Its good for your baby and the environment.
Thank you Happy Nappy.

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