Blog Entry 24: Bugsy?

For the past 8 months or so my husband has been telling me about Bugsy, the wild rabbit that lives under his car. I never really believed him, a simple: “Oh yah how cute.” Reply was all I ever said or did when he talk about him.

Well I got a picture of the cutie. Right now we are in the mist of spring, and because of that he is starting to lose his winter white coat and replace it with his summer brown one.


Apparently he runs off as soon as my husband goes to get into his car in the morning and by the next morning he’s back again.

We have many wild rabbits here, and a few coyotes for that matter, though I think they have been relocated. The rabbits on the other hand are not. 

Some of the people who live around me hate them. Personally we aren’t allowed veggie gardens on our rental properties and in the summer months I never had an issue with them eating any of my plants.

I do admit though, in the really bad days of winter I do feed them some of my guinea pig pellets and hay. I know bad me, but I see them huddled down for warmth, the dead grass several feet under the snow. I just feel bad.

Either way, this little guy is very cute.

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