Blog Entry 25: Alexander’s Issues

For the past few months we have been dealing with Alexander’s issues. What are those you ask? Well Alexander has issues with personal space and wreaking things.

This has been going on for many, many months. He is either wreaking something, doesn’t have to be just his stuff either. I has happened to my make up, books, well the list can really just go on. On top of that he steals things from me, his siblings and daddy. Oh and lets not forget the walls, safe to say that we will have to repaint his room before we move out of this rental place.

We have tried everything, heck EVERYONE has tried to help with little change.

So last night we sent him to bed for the night, we tucked him in, asked him nicely NOT to leave his room unless he had to go potty.

About 30 mins later we heard something up stairs, my loving husband when to check out what Alexander was into now only to return a few seconds later asking me for the camera. Which he then chuckled and went back up stairs. This was followed by the shower turning on. All the while my Mom, who is visiting, and I looked at each other puzzled as to what is going on.

After a few minutes my husband came back down with these two photos.

You see in our linen closet, we can’t keep linens in there or really anything because the kids get into it all. But what we do keep on the top shelf is cleaning stuff and the shelf below that the kids bathing stuff.


As you can see Alexander is not a dumb 3 year old. He could not reach his spiderman bubble bath with just his laundry basket, so he put his spiderman trash can on top and wow he could reach.

Here is the end result of why I keep things like that were he can not reach it.


If that doesn’t scream guilty I don’t know what does.

We are all hoping that this will pass soon. Until then have fun laughing at all Alexander’s antics.

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