Update: Marsha Weaver Disaster.


As you all read in my last post, my friend Marsha Weaver had her home and everything she held dear destroyed in last weeks tornado that hit Alabama. A guinea pig fundraiser site and many of Marsha’s guinea and rat pals went to work to raise money and items for Marsha, her family and her pets.

I’ve been so busy with do what I can to help that I realized that I never did any updates about anything that has happened.

Here is the word for word story from Marsha’s sister one what happened that horrible night:

“There has been many storms that have gone through where Marsha lives none have ever given much more then wind and rain damage.

There was no way to take cover honestly. The storm was flying through so fast that there was no way to gather anyone up and no where to go. Homes in the south where she lives are on cement slabs. Marsha was in the hallway with her children and the dog Doug came running in yelling it is coming. They huddled together Marsha clinging to her children arm through Shelby’s collar and Doug clinging to all of them. Honestly it is a truly a miracle that I didn’t have to write about loosing one of them. The walls where ripped from around them and they went up with their home. While Marsha would have loved to pack up her pigs and rats to ensure their safety she had to worry about her children first and Shelby being a big dog and having a collar on was easy for Marsha to hang onto without crushing her. The more weight that was in their “clump” the better. Honestly I think the death rate for the pigs and rats would have been higher if Marsha added them to their “clump” being as they might have been crushed. Shelby’s face was ripped from above her eye down to her jaw having 4 layers of stitches to fix the damage.

Shelby still has her eye (which if she looses it, it won’t be a big deal as she has the onset of cataracts), but she is not on any meds right now as I believe the vet that she went to didn’t have enough. Shelby’s surgery was done by flashlight so it is a miracle she is still with us.

They went to a neighbours basement. They had to run barefoot to the truck. From the sounds of it the man was standing in the back of his truck yelling trying to get people to safety.”

One guinea pig named Emma was found between the two different tornados. She was alive, and medically fine.

Marsha’s daughter was badly hurt in the storm:

The 28th:

“This morning we found out that Marsha was also in the hospital. Her back was had started to hurt and she was in a lot of pain. She has hurt her back and bruised her heart from when she was clinging to her children her breastbone went into her heart. She is ok and out of the hospital. My niece is currently in ICU with a hole in her lung.”

Since the 28th:

“My niece is totally off oxygen and breathing on her own. I finally got to talk to Marsha for a few minutes before the signal went down, but wasn’t able to ask her much more other then if she needed a car charger for their phones before my mom headed down there this morning. ”

A day or so after Marsha’s daughter is in a cast but doing well.

Here is the stats on the pets so far:

Guinea Pigs : Holly, Emma, Allie-Belle and Jasmine
Ratties :LuLu, Samantha, Makayla, Oliva & Wesley(but w/ his age he is very puffed up from the trauma & on oxygen&fluids)

With Angel Wings:
Ratties : Annie ,Devon (who was found a ways from their home in the road),Victoria,Sabrina or Cassandra
Guinea Pigs: Hopkins (PTS due to bad injuries),Natasha,Maggie or Laci

Missing Still:

Claire,Sabrina or Cassandra(rats); Maggie or Laci (pigs)
All 5 of a cage of rats (the martins cage is no where to be found)

They did put out carriers with fleece and food in hopes they would head to the carrier as a familiar thing , eat , and then snuggle into the fleece.

All of Marsha’s animals are now with her vet office. Marsha’s vet and her vets husband helped them all day. The ones that are alive she is treating to ensure they get healthy to the best of her power. The ones with wings she will keep at the clinic until Marsha gets a place of her own again.

The people in her area are being wonderful and tonight a local church opened their doors so that everyone could take a warm shower.

Shelby has a bad infection in her foot and they are doing a head x-ray on her tomorrow. They now have her on pain meds and heavier antibiotics.

The bodies that we are unsure of is because people are finding them, wrapping them up, and telling Marsha what they looked like so that she isn’t having to see them in that state. Annie was found by Marsha though which was very difficult for her.

The money donations are still spilling in at:


There is also a Rat site that has tons of information, including Items people are making and selling sending the money to the donation cause, links to other blogs that talk about what has happened and updates on what is happening.

To read about that go to:


While there are many people in need in the area, please take time to donated to either SAGP or http://www.redcross.org/

Marsha is in my thoughts and prayers. I know one day we can all look back on this, but for now lets try and help them the best we can.

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