Blog Entry 29: Who are you again?

*Holds her head in shame*
I am truly sorry for those who have been following my blog, I have not written in such a long time. Things have been a bit crazy around here.
For most of spring I was homing  in my sewing talent. I made my mom her tea cozy:
But mostly I was working on perfecting my guinea pig bed making skills. These beds are called Cuddle Cups.
Yes that is a photo of one of the ones I have made and…. sold! Yes dear readers, I finally opened my own online store at the end of last month (see told you I’ve been busy). You can see it here: Canadian Comforts Website
The first three weeks after opening it up online, was crazy! I had tons of orders, which made me so happy. Sadly all good things always hit a bump in the road, which turned out to be CANADA POST. I’m sure you have heard at some point in time over the last 3 weeks about it so I wont get into details about it but it has been really hard on my new business adventure.
Cuddle Cups aren’t the only thing this gal has had happen in the last few months. We adopted a new guinea pig! A cute neutered boar who at the time of adoption was called Nutmeg. We added him in with the girls and renamed him to Romeo.
He is called a Peruvian, this means when look at from the top you really can’t tell which end is which because his long hair covers his face. Two nights ago I trimmed his beautiful hair, just enough so that he he isn’t peeing on it.
What has Eve got to say about this…
Well she’s not talking because she’s smitten with him.
This weekend is Joseph’s first birthday this weekend, as well as the NEW TrueBlood! (Yes I am a sucker… sucker LOL) So stop by, I promise to post at least once a week unless I am going camping… which I’ll talk about in my next post.

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One thought on “Blog Entry 29: Who are you again?

  1. love the look of your little Peruvian! tres hippie chic 🙂

    Check out my pig's blog if you want a laugh!


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