Blog Entry 30: Guinea Pigs Are Work.


I get tired of hearing about how “easy” guinea pigs are, because that is far from the truth. I wont get into all the details but lets just say that my guinea pigs (and my other pets) have a whole binder full of information, weigh charts, medical information, diet information and so on.

I posted about my binder and it got me thinking, why not make a blog post about it so other people can learn something. New piggie owners get very over whelmed at first, I know I did. So getting tips like, a pet binder, is always helpful. Plus it cost me $10 to make it! So its helpful and cheap!

So you start off with your binder:

When you open my binder the first thing you see is this:

This has my daily veggie list that I feed my pigs as well as a DO NOT FEED list. I felt this was important in case there was an emergency and I had to leave my pigs with someone in a hurry. Normally when I leave my pigs I leave detailed lists for the sitter, but in an emergency you can’t do that so having something like this on hand is a very good idea.

Next we move onto the weigh charts. I use group weigh charts for my pigs, I have it set into cages. Top cage, than the pigs in that cage, followed by the bottom cage and the pigs in there. If I have a sick pig I start their own chart.

Each of my pets get a section to themselves. Each section has has their adoption papers, followed by any medical information.

I have all the medical information in one area:

And diet information in another:

This helps to keep the over whelming information on my pets in one area.

So you tell me, if they are such “easy” pets why would I need this? That’s because they are not “easy” pets.

Before you get a guinea pig do your research. Great sites:

These sites have great information that anyone can understand. Guinea Pig Cages can help you guinea a C&C cage, which is what my pigs have. You can build one for under $50 and it will be 2 to 3 times bigger than any cage you can buy at that price.

Well that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed this or at least found it helpful!

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