Blog Entry 32: A long long time ago?

What is this? Who are you? Why are you here?

I’m sure that’s what you are all thinking. I know, I have been so bad. This wonderful blog that so many of you like has not been updated since… JUNE! What! *holds head in shame*

How could I have let my blog become to dusty and unused. Fear not, I shall post more often.

Life has been interesting to say the least. Since June I’ve many ups and downs. I’m still married to a wonderful man, in fact on the 8th will be our 3 year Anniversary, though we’ve been together much longer than that.

My eldest Ruby, finished Kindergarten. The School had graduation photos done up.


Isn’t she cute?

Alexander, despite the fact that he’s destructive, bold and likes to make my life way to interesting, made it to his 4th birthday in September. We now have new rules for his destructive habits, he now has to clean something every time he does something bad. Saves me a little time and teaches him to be a good boy, because good boys don’t wash walls they get treats.

Joseph has gotten some more teeth, finally, and enjoys eating much more interesting foods. He isn’t talking much but at 15 months he’s still learning.

My pet bedding company is doing great! I get a few orders every week and enjoy making them every time, but what I enjoy more are all the photos people send me. Seeing their little pets enjoying my products, well word can not describe how wonderful that feeling is.

Another wonderful adventure I have started is a photography company with my good friend and Aunt Bella. Mystic Photography has been giving me yet another creative outlet.

Here is some of the work I have done so far, and by the way, I have a photo shoot today!




DSC_6514 (2)


These are just some of the photos I have been doing. Its fun and I learn new things everyday.

My ferret Mr. Bean, photo of him above, is sadly very ill right now. He has what’s called Adrenal Disease. This effects many pet ferrets around the world and the cause of it is unknown. Some people think its due to the early spaying and neutering, others say its due to the fact that we humans keep artificial lights on too much. No one knows for sure. All I know is, the surgery to fix this is very expensive. For the first week or so after his diagnoses I was in shock. The price of the surgery is up to $1,400, which is a lot of money we just don’t have saved up right now.

A dear friend of mine suggested I do an auction and after much debate I decided to do it. When I posted on the Canadian Comforts facebook fan page that I was planning on doing this, many of my online friends jumped in, offering support and donating their time and items for my auction. I myself made over 30 pet beds and hammocks for the auction. Its still up and going until this sunday.

So far we are almost half way to get the surgery and with the funds we have saved already we are hopeful to meet our goal and get Mr. Bean his surgery.

Other than that there isn’t much else to write about. My weight loss has been up and down. I’ve gotten a gym membership so we’ll see how that helps.

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