Blog Entry 33: Canning, am I nuts?


Well if you know me at all you’ll know that, yes I am nuts. I can hear my mom now: “Don’t you have enough to do?” Yes, running two businesses, a home, kids and the many pets I have does take up lots of my time. You see, my house work list is getting shortened as my kids grow up.

Before you start thinking I’m on of those chore giving crazy mama’s, I have two bits of information for you.

1. Punishment. When my oldest two get into trouble, they have to wash a wall, a floor or something along those lines. We’ve tried time outs, spanking, taking things away, grounding and well just about everything you can think of, my kids are umm… thick headed I guess would be the term.

2. They ask to do chores. Its true! Both my middle son and my eldest asked to do things like dishes, laundry, sweeping and even cleaning up the bathroom. Now since my older two are only 6 and 4 I supervise and never give them harsh cleaning products like bleach or other cleaners along those lines. I freely give them the choice to do these things. For example, Ruby will load the dish washer, I’ll turn it on and run it, while Alex will put the clean dish away.  Anything is fair cleaning as long as its not their rooms. Typical kids huh?

Because of these few but time consuming chores being done by the kids, its freeing up time for me to do extra things. I have my sewing down pat, so unless there are large orders I don’t have to add extra time with that. My photography company is just starting off so I’ve got some flexibility.


Where did this need to can start? Well I think it started last night when I was munching on some fresh carrots. I started to think, “wouldn’t it be nice to have some pickled carrots?” The only issue is the farmers markets here are a little pricy, good but pricy. Regular stores carry canned pickled carrots but BLAH! They taste really gross!

So over the span of 4 hours last night I learned as much as I could about canning. I put some holds of books at the library that where out already (should have them by the end of the month). My Mother in law has a canner (not a pressure one sadly). So I am going to try my hand at canning next weekend. Here in Canada, its going to be a long weekend. So what better way to keep myself busy than to can!

This photo here gave me an idea of how I am going to “pretty” up my jars too!


I’ve always loved the cute fabric tops on jars, it makes you have that farm feeling, or it does with me.

I think if the carrots go well, I’ll maybe try some other things like Jams, jellies and lots of pickled things! Sadly because no one I know has a pressure canner I can’t can anything but jellies, jams and pickled items. BUT I think if I can master canning in this level I’ll start asking for a pressure canner for my birthday, that gives me 7 months to master canning. Of course you all will be updated with the fun of this!

Here is a blog I am just in love with, its a canning blog and very wonderful!

Well thats going to be it for now. I’ll leave you with a photo of the cookies I baked last week. They are called Corn Starch Cookies. Very easy to make and the melt in your mouth!


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