Blog Entry 34: Bad, good, GREAT!

Today started off, well pretty crummy. First my cell phone decided to no longer work, did I mention its only 3 months old? So after an hour on the phone with the cell phone company I was beyond frustrated, so to make myself feel better I decided to bake a little.


Right now we are on a huge budget. A few months back I bought some box mix for brownies. Since buying them I have come to the conclusion that I rather dislike the taste of box mix brownies. So what do I do with this mix?

That’s when I got a bright idea, look through my cupboards! I found a few things that I had to toss, like year old gram cracker crumbs but I also found some shredded unsweetened coconut. Coconut and chocolate go great together, so I added in about 1/2 cup of them into the mix.


The mixed looked so yummy, it was hard for me not to sneak a taste, but fear not, I didn’t… honest.


My old metal 9”x9” baking pan went missing months ago so I had to improvise and use a 9”x9” casserole dish with out the lid to put my batter into the oven.


So in the oven it went. Once it was done I found for the first little while (an hour or so) it just would not stay in the square shapes. I think this is because of the coconut. But after a hour I went back and it was perfect. Chew and yummy!


After making my brownies, I got a wonderful email from a friend of mine in the USA. Momo from Momo’s Piggery has been a friend of mine for a few years now. She makes amazingly cute items.

A while back she made me a custom made bookmark with the cutest little turtle. Since I am trying to make most of my Christmas gifts this year I contacted her to see if I could get some bookmarks for one of my family members (na na I am not saying who though), as well as a longer one for my cook books.

Momo, being the amazing woman she is, offered to make me them as presents. I of course than offered to make her guinea pigs some beds as a gift for the gift. We also caught up on some of our own news but all in all it was great to hear from her and it made my day.

Shortly following these emails I called my best friend. We couldn’t chat as long as we normally do because her mom was visiting but I found out that her mom, who is an amazing woman who cans, makes quilts and so much more, is willing to make me a “Crazy Quilt” for my king size bed. I had ask my best friend a while back if she would ask her and I had heard nothing back on it, so to hear this on a day that started out so bad was just another way to add goodness to my day.

Well I shall leave you all now, since I have to finish cleaning, cooking (photos to follow later) and some orders to complete for my pet bedding company to do. Though I would love to blog much more.

I leave you though with a cute photo of Joseph bathing in my kitchen sink. He wont be able to do this much long as he is growing like a weed but for now I take joy in bathing him in my sink.


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