Blog Entry 37: What I’ve been busy doing.

So a lot, as usual, has happened in the last little while.

In late November I was put on the waiting list for a hysterectomy. A lot of my friends and family are shocked at this because I am only 25 years old but after battling for “Female Issues” for most of my life my Doctor has decided that enough is enough. I have three wonderful children and we don’t want any more anyway. So its the waiting game. I will get a 2 week notice anywhere from 2-6 months from when the sent the paper work in. The end of Jan, will be the 2 month mark. I was told on average it usually takes 2-3 months so, fingers crossed, hopefully I’ll get that two week notice call soon.

On top of that I have been work on my sewing company and I finally was able to create something no one else had. A free standing cavy cave with no extra foam or batting. It stands up because a flexible support (shhh I’m keeping this one tight lipped for a while). Here are some photos:



Are they not just the cutest things ever? The grey pig is Reko and the one on the bottom is Mojo.

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