Blog Entry 38: Life is life

Life has been, well life lately. Kids are all doing well. Ruby is enjoying, for the most part, being tutored by her grandmother 3-4 days a week.

The guinea pigs are all healthy. We did lose Chi-Chi our little mouse to old age earlier this month. He was a special, spoiled little guy and I miss him dearly.


My heath comes and goes, I have another appointment on Tuesday that my mother is, thankfully, taking me to. I’ve had a lot of new symptoms show up in the last month that might push my surgery closer, though I do hit the two month waiting period on Monday. After Monday it could be any day I get that call saying I am books for such and such a day. Being sick is something I hate, like every other person on the planet I guess, but thankfully my wonderful husband is amazing and helps me on the bad days.

During my time off of sewing I’ll be resting, A LOT! I am also taking this time to get my sewing machine serviced.  Since I stated sewing in May it has been been serviced and it really needs to go in.

Lets see what else?

I will be canning some pickled cucumbers this weekend. I promise to post some photos. My recipe is very simple, Cucumbers, pickling vinegar, dill and salt. Simple and straight to the point. I’m very excited to see how they turn out.

Oh I don’t think I posted the photo of my MIL’s Christmas gift I made her last Christmas. Here it is, sorry its a cell phone photo, my camera was acting up at the time.

She loved it and is using everything I made. I was really nervous about whether or not she would like it. I was so excited to stop by one night and see her using it. It was really hard to make because she comes over 3-4 times a week to help Ruby read. I had to be very sneaky and the last time she came over before Christmas I hid in my basement finishing it.

Last week I was shopping and while in my line up I saw the ladies in front of me had a huge binder of coupons! I had to be sneaky but I snapped this photo with my camera on my cell.

You can see the binders holding their coupons in the top of their cart. Amazing! I don’t know how anyone could get so many coupons! I know I use some when I get some, but to collect that many and use them? Just wow!

As you may or may not know, I don’t eat out much. It costs too much and I really have no item to go out, but right after Christmas I took some much needed me time. I went cloth shopping and went to a fast food place called the Wok Box. I LOVE their food.

They come in cute little take out boxes. Its a nice Chinese place and there are many of them. If you have one around you and you enjoy Chinese food, I would highly recommend them.

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