Blog Entry 39: I’m an adult damn it!

Today is an “I’m an adult damn it!” day. For brunch I am making banana and chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter. Why, because I like them and they make me smile. Yes some would consider that to be a childish brunch, others are nodding with drool running down their faces. Me, I am just sick and tired of being “An Adult”. I am planning on painting my nails blue, putting my hair in pig tails and watching cartoons with my kids, why, because I can.

On the “I’m an adult damn it” topic I want to submit this photo.

How true is this! I mean come on, who does love some type of cartoon or in this case Muppet from their childhood. Did you know I am a huge fan of Garfield? I watched his shows over and over as a child. Then there was always Duck Tales and Gummy Bears. My husband loved Darkwing Duck, which I did watch but wasn’t a huge fan.

Looking at the shows my own kids watch makes me really miss these shows, or maybe it’s the free life style of childhood, either way my husband and I both agree the kids shows now are horrible compared to the ones we watched. Yes there was a little violence but not as much as you see now a days. Garfield for example, had little to none in the violence area. Yet you do not see it on TV any more, COME ON, Garfield is a true classic. What about Duck Tales? The adventure, the mystery, the creativity! What more could TV ask for.

No, now a days its shows that are badly drawn, have no story line, and well just plain old suck. Over the last few months my family and I switched to NetFlix. We rather enjoy all the “old” 90s shows, like land before time, remember that?

Its amazing how long my children will watch that but turn on YTV or Teletoon and maybe one show before they walk away and I turn it off. I by no means allow my children to be “baby sat” by the tube but on a weekend morning what screams relaxation than cartoons?

Well I leave you now with something to ponder, what was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon(s)? Do you miss those Saturdays?

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