Blog Entry 41: Tea Time

So after my much needed rant I thought it would be best to stick to something else I know a little about. Tea! Over the last year I have drank coffee all of three times. All three of those times I thought I needed to bleach my mouth out due to the awful taste. The funny thing about this is that go back 1 year and 7 days, I was drinking 6+ cups a day.

It all happened when my best friend Mona came down for a visit. We rarely see each other because of living in different places. It takes us 5+ hours to see each other. Joseph was only 6 months old at the time and she wanted to come see the kids and I. She is a VERY big tea drinker, like your family before her. I started drinking more and more tea while she was down. She stayed I believe 10 days, and during that time I drank a lot of tea. I started out drinking it black, but when my dearest friend offered to make me one a few times, she inadvertently put milk and sugar in mine. It didn’t bother me too much though I teased her a great deal.

After she left I missed her badly, I caught myself making tea just like hers. As time wore on I started to drink my tea with milk and sugar all the time. Since going on my diet a few months ago I started to use sweetener instead of sugar so I could still drink the amount of tea I drink. My old issue is I can not stand any other tea but Red Rose. I will grudgingly drink Earl Grey or some other brand of Breakfast tea but a good old cup of Red Rose beats them all out hands down. Don’t get me wrong, I carry other types of tea for when I have people over or if my kids are not feeling well. I keep herbal fruity teas, teas like Chamomile and Peppermint. Heck I even have special teas for holidays. I just personally never drink them.

My day does not really start until I have my first cup of tea. It’s the first sip of warm heaven that helps me wake up at 7AM. I take my medication with it, laugh at silly kids with it, say good bye for the day to my husband and enjoy breakfast with it. Tea to me is not just a drink but a part of life for me.

I use an electric kettle to heat my water, I got one shortly after Alexander was born. Before that I used a stove top kettle and loved it. I had to switch because Alexander had to we switched from breastfeeding to the bottle, long story I may tell you all one day. Anyway, my mother in law had stopped by to give me a hand with, at the time, baby Alexander. I had put on the kettle for some hot water for his bottle when my mother in law suggested I get an electric one because it would heat the water faster and Alexander wouldn’t fuss as much. So we, my husband and I, went out and got one. It’s a good little kettle, though I still miss the whistling sound of my stove top one.

Over the last year tea has helped my family feel better, connected with friends and served as a wonderful warm beverage when Canadian winters have hit. In the summer it has helped me to cool down, raising my core temperature.

Will I give up tea any time soon? Not unless I get ordered to by my doctors.

Even my kitten loves tea.

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