Blog Entry 43: Happy Valentine’s Day.


I wanted to add into my last entry something about Valentine’s day but I did not want to take away from the post about Pickles. Hence why I am writing about it now.

Valentine’s day in our house is some years very fancy and special, while other years its just special. This year instead of going all out, I suggest that once they kids are in bed we just sit on the sofa and watch some movies. Simple and I get to sneak in some extra cuddle time. In our house we don’t usually go all out for Valentine’s day. We may go to a movie, show or out to dinner if we can but what it really is about is spending time with loved ones. Screw the hallmark side of it. Spend time with the one you love, money can not buy you happiness. Only love can.

So to everyone out there reading my blog, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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