Blog Entry 45: Last day in June, Pig comments.

Last day of June:

Today is the last day of June. I thought I would see what the boys thought of this…

Mojo… well he had many thoughts on this.

Hmmmm does this mean I get more veggies?

No Mojo.. this means tomorrow you get some cleaning done. Anal Sack cleaning, grease gland cleaning and a bath.

*does his best…. I’m not here I am just a furry rock impression*


Romeo what do you think about today being the last day of June?

June? Whats June?

Oh I know!!! It means umm….

What were we talking about again?

Oh boy….


Yes mum?

What do you think about it being the last day of June?

It means I have to go though that cleaning junk again… but it also means I get to celebrate tomorrow.

Reko your so smart.
Your right, tomorrow is Canada Day.
Veggies party tomorrow for sure.

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