Blog Entry 48: One… two … three… why the hell me?

I been putting of writing this because its so personal to me.

As some of you know I had my niece staying with me. Her mother, who I no longer accept as a family member anymore, dumped her on me and did so many bad things. From doing drugs, sleeping with every one who would sleep with her to only visiting her daughter once in 6 weeks. She brought so much drama in to my life in the short 6 weeks I care for her daughter.

When CPS finally when and took her rights to my niece away life got scary. I wasn’t so much scared of her as I was the people she was hanging out with. They scared the poop out of me.

On June 29th CPS came and took my niece away for everyone’s safety. I cried all weekend. Even now, a week later I am still sad.

On the last day she was here I did up some photos. I wanted to share three with you all. I am crying while posting these but I wanted to share them with you all.

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