Blog Entry 51: City Market on 104th

Last weekend I took time away from sewing, house cleaning and even the kids to check out a farmers’ market that I had not had the pleasure of checking out in the 6 years I have lived in Edmonton.


I was in utter awe when I arrived there. I decided to take the bus which meant I had to leave pretty early since I am a firm believer in getting to farmers’ markets when they open, frankly its the best time to get the best stuff, but I was not prepared for what I saw.


Two blocks, tents going one way and back the other! Words fail to explain the awe I was in. There was so many things to look at and buy, I was grateful I only took $75 with me, because I easily could have spent much much more.




I found produce that amazed me, purple bell peppers, zucchinis the size of my arm, goat meat, breads and so much more. I carefully made my way through all the stalls before buying anything. There was clothing stalls, gifts, even home made rhubarb wine! (NOTE: that is a penny on the cutting board)




I did fall in love with one stall and was grateful I was near then end of my money when I saw it. This wonderful stall was a lady selling painted rocks. I have to say her work is AMAZING. There was all types of animals on her table but two caught my eye, guinea pigs! When I asked her how much they were, she said the large one was $60, I nearly died. BUT it was my hearing that had failed me, not the price. It was $16 a much better price to deal with. The smaller one (1/3 the size of the large one) was $10, I opt for the larger one (photo above) and named him Hermin. (NOT Herman)

Sadly (and happily) I have to go to Panfest this weekend. But for those of you in the Edmonton area and would love to go here is the information for this Market:

Location: 104th Street and Jasper Ave
Time: 9AM to 3PM Every Saturday.

Website: City Market Downtown

Here are some suggestions I want to add:

1. If you are bussing or walking, bring a buddy buggy or wagon.

I found that my arms were so tired by the time I got home that I wanted to soak them in ice water for a week.


2. Bring Cash!

There is a 7/11 that you can pull out cash but unless you are with that bank (which seems to slip my mind) you get charged $1.50, and while that is not a lot, pulling some before hand at your bank is free (not counting your bank fees if they charge you). Another reason is the fact that you can bring a credit card (and some places even a debit card) but you will spend MUCH MUCH more than planned, having cash means you have see how fast its going.

3. Bring your umbrella.

I didn’t and it rained for about 20 mins or so. Not fun but not bothersome.

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