Blog Entry 52: Muffin Tin Omelettes.


Last night I decided since it was some what cool that I would make muffin tin omelettes. They are rather simple but you should not try these on a hot day, you need to cook them in your oven.

Its a very simple recipe. Here is what you need:

Veggies (any type you normally like in an omelette)

Cooking Spray (or oil if you don’t have a spray)

Meat (if you like things like ham in your omelette go for it any cooked meat will do)

Cheese (I don’t use it because I am lactose intolerant)

Spices (Dill, salt, pepper and what ever else you like)

You will need a big bowl for beating the eggs and a muffin tin (or two if your making a big batch).


First chop everything up, I used Onion, zucchini, bell pepper and ham. For the kids I added a half a cherry tomato because I only had three left.


Once everything is chopped add equal amounts to the muffin tin cups.


In the large bowl beat as many eggs as you need, I did 18 muffin tins and used 1 1/2 dozen eggs, this fed a family of 6. I added a little milk, just a few table spoons as it helps make fluffy eggs.


Next pour the eggs into the muffin tins on top of the meat and veggies. Add on your cheese, if your using any, and your spices.


Don’t worry if things float or don’t float, its all part of the yumminess of this.

Next put it into the oven, I preheated to about 400F.
Cook them until there is not more liquid, trust me when I say you will see liquid in the middle but for time liking people, 10-20ish minutes.

Put them on a plate and enjoy! So simple and so yummy. I love the fact that I was able to feed everyone at once, which when making normal omelettes, does not happen.


I also had time yesterday to make a TINY jar of saskatoon berry jam. Basically its pectin free because it was such a small amount. I took about a cup of berries, some sugar and some vanilla, cooked it in a small pot, put it in a jar and cooled. This would NOT be safe for storing long term, but frankly who would want to? Its so good I’m almost done it today!

I leave you today with a cute pet photo. This is Spook, my black ball of fur cat, who loves to watch me cook but loves sleeping more.


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