Welcome to the About me page!

About me?

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to blogging, coming up with something to blog about it always easy but when it comes to writing your about me page you come up blank?
That’s my problem right now.

I could say, my name is Erin. I’m a married mother of 3 wonderfully entertaining children that always keep me on my toes.  Or that I live in a bit of a zoo with 4 guinea pigs, 1 black cat, 1 betta and a turtle.

I could go on to say, I am a stay at home mom that runs a small sewing company that makes pet bedding called Canadian Comforts.  Or that I started blogging because I am a very creative person and love to talk but most importantly, I started this blog to talk about my life so that other mothers can learn they are not alone with the daily challenges of being a stay at home mom or even a mom that works out of the house.

Yes those are good things to know when it comes to me, and I could say all that, but without adding the personality that has become The Daily House Wife, what will I do?

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