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Blog Entry 55: Blueberry Jam!

A few weeks back I went shopping (like I always do) and came across an amazing deal, 2lb containers of blueberries for $3.99 each! Well, I just could not pass that up and bought 6lbs (3 containers). At first I thought, mmm blueberry pies, but since I am trying to lose a little weight and the fact that a pie does not last very long in this house, I started to realize that I should probably do something else with them.

Hmm what to make, what to make… *Light bulb above head goes off*
Blueberry Jam!

Here is what I used to make mine:

6lbs of fresh blueberries
6 cups of sugar
1 tbsp vanilla (I add this to almost ALL my jams)
2 packages Pectin *

14 Jars (12 250ml each and 2 500ml)
Cooking pot
Water Bathing Canning supplies

Yup its that simple.

First wash all your blueberries and put them in your cooking pot like so:


This is the “brand” of blueberries I used:

Next you need to mash them, I used a potato masher, some people find this easier once they are cooked, its really up to you:

Now add in your vanilla and pectin and cook the snot out of it. *Note on the Pectin: I used two boxes at once, it turned out fine but the pectin box says to only use one box, so if you don’t want to risk it, cut this blueberry jam in half (ie 3lbs berries, 1/2 table spoon vanilla and 3 cups sugar).

Here is what it will look like AFTER you add in the sugar (before adding the sugar it wont be super liquified):

Once you get that back to a rolling boil you will need to skim off the foam like bubbles and jar. Following the jarring you with need to water bath it. Each area in the world is different for the amount of time needed to bath it, I did 10 mins.

** Wooden spoons: I like to use wooden spoons for Jams and Jellies but be warned this is what your spoon will look like after your done and it has been wash in just soapy water:

I took this jam to a Pagan Potluck two days after I made it and it was a huge hit, so I must be doing something right.
While I made the jam my youngest was up and getting into things. Here is how he “helps” make Jam.


I also wanted to write up a little review of a guinea pig product I am currently using. Its called Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay.

I have a pig who hate timothy hay, local famers hay or store bought, he hates it. Since he wont eat hay he was having digestive issues. I tried this hay and he loves it. I now only use this hay for all my pigs! I want to say, the smell, AMAZING! Its so soft too!

You can buy it in 15 oz, 40 oz, 9lbs, 25lbs and 50lbs online ( has all sizes) or in stores. Some stores (at least here) will usually only have the 15 oz bags. Prices for these bags usually run $6.00 to $7.00 a bag. I like buying online because I can get bigger amounts at cheaper prices (and yes that is with shipping).

All 4 of the pigs give this product many wheeks.

Only one word of caution, PetSmart does in deed sell this BUT they also sell pets, so if you can’t find it anywhere else, buy it online.

Odin here says : “This is the best hay EVER!”

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Blog Entry 44: Life moves on.

Life moves on, that seems to be the story of my life lately.

Why do I say that? Well lets recap the last 4 months of my life.

March brought me in the hospital having my right ovary, uterus and cervix removed. Thankfully the left ovary looked ok and I was able to keep it, saving me from hormone replacement therapy. The recovery was hard and not for the reasons you may or may not be thinking. It wasn’t the pain because I was a good girl and took my pain meds when I was suppose to, it was not over doing it. Which, I have to admit with my head hung low, that I did end up twice in the hospital for “over doing it” over the first 6 weeks post op.

April was pretty quite, I started sewing again and doing more around the house. Life seemed pretty normal, though there was still some things I could and could not do.

May… That was a month all hell broke loose. First off my husband and I both have our birthdays that month. My in laws started their kitchen renos that month but more importantly I was surprised to have a little house guest (who is currently still with us). My (then) 7 week old niece needed a place to go. I wont get into why right now but lets just say she needed help bad. Here is a photo of Miss Molly:

Here she is with my two older children Ruby and Alexander:


Joseph wasn’t in those photos because well he has more important things to do, like animal bed control!

He says Titty’s (Spook the Kitty’s) bed gets his approval.

On top of all that I have been super busy with orders. I’ve had so many I had to change my wait times! *insert shocked face here*

I can’t promise to write often but I want to let you all know that on July 13th I will be going to Hawaii!!! Big family trip and I will have LOTS to share with you when I come back.

On that note I leave you with a piggie photo.

Mojo says: “I’m a messy eater and I know it.”

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Blog Entry 30: Guinea Pigs Are Work.


I get tired of hearing about how “easy” guinea pigs are, because that is far from the truth. I wont get into all the details but lets just say that my guinea pigs (and my other pets) have a whole binder full of information, weigh charts, medical information, diet information and so on.

I posted about my binder and it got me thinking, why not make a blog post about it so other people can learn something. New piggie owners get very over whelmed at first, I know I did. So getting tips like, a pet binder, is always helpful. Plus it cost me $10 to make it! So its helpful and cheap!

So you start off with your binder:

When you open my binder the first thing you see is this:

This has my daily veggie list that I feed my pigs as well as a DO NOT FEED list. I felt this was important in case there was an emergency and I had to leave my pigs with someone in a hurry. Normally when I leave my pigs I leave detailed lists for the sitter, but in an emergency you can’t do that so having something like this on hand is a very good idea.

Next we move onto the weigh charts. I use group weigh charts for my pigs, I have it set into cages. Top cage, than the pigs in that cage, followed by the bottom cage and the pigs in there. If I have a sick pig I start their own chart.

Each of my pets get a section to themselves. Each section has has their adoption papers, followed by any medical information.

I have all the medical information in one area:

And diet information in another:

This helps to keep the over whelming information on my pets in one area.

So you tell me, if they are such “easy” pets why would I need this? That’s because they are not “easy” pets.

Before you get a guinea pig do your research. Great sites:

These sites have great information that anyone can understand. Guinea Pig Cages can help you guinea a C&C cage, which is what my pigs have. You can build one for under $50 and it will be 2 to 3 times bigger than any cage you can buy at that price.

Well that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed this or at least found it helpful!

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SweetPea: POTM say what?

Piggie Phun Forum: POTM Say what?

SweetPea here, so much has been taking place, other the holidays grammie schimpf took care of us, we all had fun wheeking at her. She was very good at making sure we had food in our bellies.

The big news is that I, the greatest pig in the world, won piggie of the month on Piggie Phun Forum. At first I didn’t understand what mom was saying, whats a forum? How could I have won I never entered anything?

Seems mom has been entering me into things with out telling me! Sheesh! But I knew that I would win anyway, I’m just so perfect don’t ya know.

To see more about my winning and about the piggie phun forum I got mom to show me, so now I can show you all, our faithful blog followers.

January Piggie Of The Month

Piggie Phun Forum

On another note, mom moved Clover back in with me, Pixie and Eve. We like her a lot, but Buttercup and Yaya are still being really mean to us so they have to stay away in their cage.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to click follow, so you can get instant updates on your RSS feed, whatever that is, mom told me to write that.

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Home Sweet Home: The girls new cage.

So Mommy has been very busy the last few days working on our home. Because she is worried about us lower cage gals getting hurt or sick being on the floor, she moved us upwards.

Here is the beginning of our cage being redone. See us lowly girls on the floor. Such sad times.

Now here is the finished product.

On top of the new cage Mommy went out earlier this month and bought some 2nd cut Timothy hay that is to die for. We promised Mommy at the end of the post we will put the hay lady’s website that way if you live near us you can order this wonderful hay too!

So as we where saying, hay… beautiful hay!

Here is a shot of the hay after Mommy put it into the big hay bin, isn’t it yummy!

Not only does it look amazing but it smells like heaven!

It smelled so good that we all wheeked until Mommy put some in our cages!

Eve ended up in a hay induced Coma!
“Oi! Why did I eat so much!”

We all enjoyed this yummy hay!

We all enjoyed the past few weeks even though the posts have not showed it. Now that things are getting more normal in the house Mommy has promised to allow us more computer time.

So good night for now, its time for us to go to bed, and it seems some of us could not wait to finish this before heading off.


Hay information:

Irvine Creek Hay Sales…

Phone: 780-417-2897
Fax: 780-467-2163

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This little piggy….

Once upon a time there was a lovely woman who live in a small house, with a lovely husband and lovely kids. One day she walked into a pet store and her life has never been the same again.

Being a cavy slave has been enriching but hard. Guinea pigs are not like hamsters or gerbils, but more like a cat or dog when it comes to personality! Life will never be the same, so with out further ado, here they are:


Approx. Age: 5 years
Sex: Female
Adoption date: September 27 2009
Eve is a very friendly guinea pig always cuddling when out. She allows my kids to pet her while in the cage. She is our fatso, weighing in at 1200g she loves to eat. Eve can see very little as she has cataracts, she also has a limp due to arthritis in her left front paw.


Approx. Age: 2 years
Sex: Female
Adoption date: October 9 2008
Clover was my first guinea pig gal, before her I fostered boys for a small animal rescue. She is top pig and will let anyone know it. She is also a mother. While away for holidays our pig sitter put our foster boys in with out girls when they cleaned out cages. Clover ended up having three pups.

Clover was adopted from PetSmart after her first owners had brought her back with head trauma and a broken back leg. She ended going in for surgery to have her leg fixed and than we adopted her.


Approx. Age: 1 years 11 months old
Sex: Female
Adoption date: November 29 2008
Yaya came from us from PetSmart as a cage mate for Clover. At that time I fostered but no shelters had females. Yaya is my Diva. She hates to be picked up and has bitten my nose when I’ve given her kisses. She is has never liked to snuggle. But even after all this I still love her.


Approx. Age: 1 year
Sex: Female
Adoption date: Born in my house Aug. 4 2009
Buttercup is going to be the next in line for being boss. She loves to push everyone around, but mostly her favorite pig to boss around is her twin sister Pixie. Buttercup has pretty pink eyes and loves her cuddle cups and cozies.


Approx. Age: 1 year
Sex: Female
Adoption date: Born in my home Aug 4 2009
Pixie is the bottom pig, but that doesn’t stop her from being the silliest piggy in the group. She has a popcorn and run around time every night at around 8. During this time she popcorns madly and runs around the cage like a mad pig. She is also the first pig to learn to come and stand on the side of the cage for treats.


Approx. Age: 4 years
Sex: Female
Adoption date: August 17 2010
SweetPea, as her name suggests, is a very sweet pig. While on the chubby side, she loves to have attention. She is still getting to know the herd but is quite happy. She had mites when we first adopted her, and has since made a great recovery. She loves to popcorn with Pixie.


Approx. Age: 1 year
Sex: Female
Adoption date: August 4 2009
Mojo is my pancake boy. He is not fixed there for he doesn’t live with the girls but in a nice big 2×3 C&C cage in my daughters room. He loves getting scratches and pets. Hes a big boy and knows it.

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